Customer Service Charter | Abu Dhabi Ports

ABU DHABI PORTS is committed to enhancing the experience and achieving satisfaction of all our customers. We aim to do so by providing innovative and unique services that exceed expectations. We build bridges with clients based on trust, cooperation and transparency. Our target is the highest level of happiness for our customers.

Our Customer Service Team Values

We are committed to the highest level of excellence through continuous improvement in our service delivery. To achieve this, we are guided by our core values and high service benchmarks. We are totally confident of meeting the changing and challenging needs of our customers.

Customer Focus

We completely understand our role and we are happy to serve the customer. We will do our best to treat customers with dignity, respect and fairness.

Credibility and Empowerment

We will maintain complete clarity and transparency in our interactions. We will develop our capacities to fulfill the needs of our customers and provide them with accurate information.

Cooperation and Teamwork

We explore opportunities to support our colleagues and promote teamwork. We will always help to create a happy internal work environment to meet customer needs in a timely manner.

Continuous Improvement

We will do our best to encourage, support and explore opportunities to enhance customer experiences.

What You Can Expect From Us


  • We will treat you in a respectful, friendly, and courteous manner
  • We will address your concerns and consider your suggestions and ideas


  • We will provide our services through a knowledgeable team that has the expertise to understand your needs
  • We will answer your inquiries and will treat your complaints as confidential

Timely Response

  • We will promptly assign tickets to every query, complaint or feedback
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive service card and process timeframes
  • We will facilitate communication by responding in a timely manner


  • We will work in an organized and transparent manner
  • We will provide you with efficient services and work tirelessly to achieve your expectations
  • We will maintain good governance in all our interactions and responses


  • We will provide services through different and accessible channels most suited to you; where possible
  • We will reduce the number of procedures to deliver fast and streamlined services


  • We will do our best to provide you with excellent services that enhance the individual quality of life
  • We will tirelessly meet your expectations of quality and excellence in customer experiences

What We Expect From Our Customers

1. Do appreciate our team and treat them with mutual respect
2. Do provide required documents to speed up the business process
3. Do share your feedback/comments about your experience through the provided channels
4. Do advise us of any change in your personal details
5. Do provide us with detailed answers to serve you better

Measuring Success

Abu Dhabi Ports continuously seeks to enhance customer experience through an engaging and proactive approach. We continuously review the services we provide to ensure that they comply with the highest approved standards and meet customer expectations in the best possible way.