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Abu Dhabi Ports is reimagining the future of global trade and logistics together.
These are the stories of us and our people.

Working Towards One Goal

The future of Abu Dhabi Ports extends far beyond what anyone can currently imagine. Many major milestones have been achieved throughout our journey to become an integral hub for global trade and logistics with innovation at the heart of everything we do. We manage and operate 10 ports and terminals as well as the largest economic zones in the region and support over 149,000 jobs across the UAE. Our rapid expansion to grow our international presence is thanks to our strategic position at the crossroads of trade routes, connecting lives across the region and the world. At Abu Dhabi Ports we are reimagining the future of global trade and logistics, together.

Our Future is our People

As an operator of ports and industrial zones that facilitate trade and connect Abu Dhabi to the world, we are connecting lives – helping customers and their communities thrive.. By supporting the personal and professional development of our employees, we create maritime leaders who will carry UAE trade to even greater heights.

Reimagining the future of global trade and logistics Abu Dhabi Ports is a world-class hub for integrated ports and industrial zone services
Imagining the future of Abu Dhabi Ports We are steering the future of maritime trade and logistics
Communicating the vision of Abu Dhabi Ports The heartbeat of Abu Dhabi Ports comes from the dedication, commitment and hard work of its employees
Finding solutions to continuous improvement Fostering a positive environment to tackle challenges head on at Abu Dhabi Ports

Our Pioneering Ports

The ports and industrial zones under Abu Dhabi Ports provide vital infrastructure for the maritime industry in the UAE, promoting the flow of imports and exports, whilst supporting local communities and sustainable businesses, as well as the broader economy.

The Future of Abu Dhabi Ports is Now Learn more about the unparalleled growth we have planned for our leading ports such as Khalifa Port, Mina Zayed, Mugharaq Port, and KIZAD - one of the largest economic zones in the Middle East region.
Future of Trade at Zayed Port Zayed Port is a strategically important and historic port for Abu Dhabi Ports. Captain Ammar Al Shaiba shares his insights into the future of trade and the role it will play in supporting Abu Dhabi’s vision for a global future.
Ensuring the Flow of Commodities Abu Dhabi Ports empowers its people to grow and achieve extraordinary results. Meet Thangamari Chandran, Quay Crane Operator at Khalifa Port who deploys pinpoint accuracy and speed in his daily tasks.
Enabling business to succeed at KIZAD Acknowledged as the region’s largest integrated trade, logistics and industrial hub, KIZAD is home to a diverse ecosystem of businesses.

Enabling Global Trade

A number of dynamic business subsidiaries exist within Abu Dhabi Ports that are focused on delivering results to our diverse customer base. Our aim is to provide complete, end-to-end supply-chain support solutions to our increasing list of global customers, and help them realise competitive advantage and growth, especially during challenging times.

Supporting Abu Dhabi’s Industrial Vision ZonesCorp is the largest operator of purpose-built industrial zones in the UAE backed by the Abu Dhabi government, providing investors with a world-class platform that encourages growth and expansion.
Committing to everyone's safety Discipline, dedication and determination are three words that resonate with mariners across the world and are characteristics that Captain Adnan Al Ahmadi, Tug Chief of Marine Services within Abu Dhabi Ports, brings into his daily work.
Finding a home within KIZAD Discover why Al Gharbia Pipe Company decided to base its 250,000 square metre facility to manufacture longitudinal steel welded pipes within KIZAD.
Keeping our waters safe SAFEEN is a marine service provider that has global reach with local roots. Its strong reputation as one of the safest and most environmentally-responsible service operators in the region has helped it to remain at the top.

Setting Ourselves Apart

At Abu Dhabi Ports, we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition in everything we do – including maritime education services and supply chain solutions.

Trade Works Better When We Work Together We provide our customers with fully integrated supply chain solutions.
Rising to Every Logistics Opportunity Working hard to deliver cargo in an efficient, precise and accurate manner.
The Future of Maritime Education We are dedicated to cultivating talent in the UAE for the maritime industry.
Maqta Gateway is leading the digitalisation of trade and logistics A true pioneer in the digital transformation space.

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Filming was undertaken before social distancing regulations were in place due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Abu Dhabi Ports has implemented control measures, disinfection processes and hygiene procedures to protect the health and safety of all our colleagues.