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Abu Dhabi Ports truly believes that the heart of true sustainable development embraces economic, environment and social aspects in a cohesive approach.

We chart our business roadmap by entrenching sustainable initiatives, policies and plans to protect and preserve the ecosystem and communities around our projects.

A Sterling Success Story

We Think Ahead

The story of Abu Dhabi Ports took an unexpected turn even before its flagship, Khalifa Port – one the world’s most advanced deep-sea ports and the region’s first semi-automated port – got off the drawing boards.

The Design Challenge

The selected location posed a serious challenge. Ras Ghanada, the Gulf and UAE’s largest coral reef and sea meadows, was adjacent to the proposed Khalifa Port and Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD). Spreading over 25 square kilometres of seafloor, the reef teems with more than 20 species of hardy corals and fish.

A Huge Impact

At a cost of billions of dirhams, the port was shifted 4-kilometres offshore and was developed as a man-made island. It was connected to the mainland by two causeways to preserve the natural flow of sea currents along the coastline. Together with an 8km environmental breakwater, which cuts down on sea-swell, contamination and unnecessary temperature changes from port use.

We Walk the Talk – Sustainability in Action

We pay long-term attention as to how the environment affects the evolvement of the communities that live and work around our ports.

Across our projects, we implement Estidama Building Standards, an initiative developed by Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, to promote responsible design and sustainable developments in the Emirate.

View to the Future

We at Abu Dhabi Ports believe that sustainability is not a specific task but rather a way of thinking.

We seek idea generators who will bring about creative change and growth within the maritime and trade sectors in the region and globally.

Towards a Non-Oil Economy

Based on our three strategic pillars, Abu Dhabi Ports undertakes a sustainable approach across new and future business to ensure continued growth and fast-paced community development.

We recognize that the maritime and trade sector is vital to Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 to diversify the Emirate’s strategy towards a non-oil economy.

Boosting Eco-Tourism

In line with our continuous efforts to bolster the sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi, as a global hub for both commerce and tourism, we spearheaded the development of the cruise tourism industry, by offering cruise ship passengers a new and unique destination with unique tourism experiences, through our Cruise terminal located in Zayed Port.