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GLOW is a purpose-driven programme specialised to offer our female executive Emirati employees at managerial level or above, a unique opportunity to be our future leaders and board members.

GLOW program has been developed to accelerate the careers of our high-potential Emirati women. It will enable Emirati women to build a strategic plan for their career development and maximise career opportunities using design-thinking tools. It will be a suitable support mechanism and encouragement vehicle to help our female Emirati employees achieve and realise their highest potential.

GLOW will help identify local, hidden talent creatively and effectively whilst establishing prosperous careers for female Emirati employees.

The course includes live and virtual workshops, a dedicated online reading, and assignments shared every weeks with experts, peers, and colleagues for unified feedback.

Selection Process

Participants will be chosen by a selection committee established by Aurora50 based on a standard criterion that aligns with Abu Dhabi Ports’ strategy. Third-party assessments tools will also be utilised to short-list participants.

With this accelerator programme, Abu Dhabi Ports and Aurora50 aims to create a more inclusive and integrated workplace environment for Emirati women within Abu Dhabi Ports and across the UAE.

Our commitment to supporting equal opportunities, particularly amongst our employees, is paramount to us, and we will continue to provide empowering platforms such as GLOW to offer premier choices for our UAE female employees to prosper.