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Abu Dhabi Ports has undertaken many key sustainability initiatives to ensure continued rapid business growth and fast-paced community development based on its 3Ps strategic pillars.

Sustainability Committee

One of the key steps that Abu Dhabi Ports initiated was to create a Sustainability Committee. It is made up of experts to assist the Senior Management in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities and provide leadership.

The Committee helps coordinate and guide integration of sustainability principles and practices.


Occupational Health & Safety










Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Events & Campaigns

Abu Dhabi Ports considers CSR one of its main sustainability pillars and as such creates a healthy corporate and responsible culture for employees as well as the communities where our business is active in, by focusing on achieving a comprehensive and sustainable development, with a positive impact on the communities, View our CSR activities

Economy Contribution

One of the key missions of Abu Dhabi Ports is to go beyond being just a port and complement, support and contribute to Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, to build a diversified, sustainable and integrated economy based on innovation and knowledge. Learn more

Capacity Building

Innovative Solutions

Diversification Strategy