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Ports & Terminals

Khalifa Port

Peter James Marvin

Peter James Marvin Senior Vice President - Program Management Peter James Marvin is Senior Vice President – Programme Management of Abu Dhabi Ports. He has more […]

Research & Innovation

Crucible of Innovation – For Benefit of All Abu Dhabi Ports is the new epicentre of innovation serving Middle East and the wider world through the […]


Main Initiatives

Abu Dhabi Ports has undertaken many key sustainability initiatives to ensure continued rapid business growth and fast-paced community development based on its 3Ps strategic pillars. Sustainability […]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Where our Business Goes… We Follow Abu Dhabi Ports considers CSR one of its main sustainability pillars and as such creates a healthy corporate and responsible […]

Our Story

Abu Dhabi Ports truly believes that the heart of true sustainable development embraces economic, environment and social aspects in a cohesive approach. We chart our business […]

HSE Environment

Beyond Business as Usual From our everyday operations to major capital investments, Abu Dhabi Ports commits to adopting globally acknowledged best practices to protect our environment. […]

HSE Crisis & Business Continuity Management

Crisis ManagementReady for Any Emergency Abu Dhabi Ports Crisis Management Plan has been established in total compliance with local regulations and best international standards and practices. […]