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Specialized Economic Zones

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Through ZonesCorp, an Abu Dhabi Ports company, all our zones have been planned and developed to foster a cluster-based industrial ecosystem that creates synergies, enhances efficiency and nurtures growth. Each zone caters to specific needs and conditions for a wide range of sectors from steel, engineered metals to food and beverages. The combination of our offerings – prime location, convenient services, low costs, scalable business models, and tax-free operations – have proven to be appealing to several hundred manufacturers.­

World Class Infrastructure

Through investments in excess of $1 Billion, ZonesCorp have developed infrastructure not only capable of accommodating, but exceeding the expectations of international industrial investors. Zones have been created to adapt and conform to the full spectrum of sector-specific requirements across each industry.

Excellent Business Environment

Our state of the art infrastructure solutions and business friendly environment promote efficiency and help businesses operate at competitive costs. We have a broad range of plot sizes and configurations offered at appealing leasing rates.  A reliable supply of water, electricity and gas are critical requirements for all industries and we offer our investors an uninterrupted supply of these utilities at cost effective market prices.

Administrative Efficiencies

ZonesCorp continuously strives to simplify the process of establishing a business within the UAE. With a dedicated Investor Service Center, as well as a Foreign Labour Services Division, we are committed to assisting throughout the entire process.