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Integrated Logistics Solutions

Why AD Ports Logistics?


As a member of the Abu Dhabi Ports family, we leverage the group’s broad portfolio of assets and services to offer a fully-integrated logistics solution and synchronise our customers’ supply chains.

We do so by utilising our own Port Terminal Services, GPS-tracked fleet assets and our Warehouse Management System-linked infrastructure comprising over 250,000 sqm of space across all temperature ranges.

Our modern fleet of transportation vehicles is operated by MICCO Logistics, our wholly-owned integrated warehouse and transportation provider. With a fleet of over 400 vehicles, we can customise solutions to meet our customers’ needs across all temperature requirements.

End-to-End Minded

Thanks to our unique ability to leverage our own Ports, Industrial Zone and Digital divisions, we are in a position to offer holistic solutions that are aligned to our business partners’ needs.

Our key differentiator is our ability to serve our customers from a holistic end-to-end perspective. Monitored by our Central Control Tower team, we are focused on ensuring efficient execution of our supply chain services from the point-of-origin through to the last mile.

We are operating in multiple sectors including Healthcare, Retail, Consumer, Oil & Gas, Heavy Lift, Industrial, and Polymers, and are continuing to expand both the range and depth of services for our business partners.


Leveraging advances in the latest technology, we are constantly researching and developing smarter ways to simplify and streamline our processes and optimise our supply chain in order to serve our partners and customers more effectively and efficiently.

Our focus is on deploying leading-edge (relevant) technologies to resolve challenges, ensure resilience, and deliver continuity of service to our customers.

Gateway to MEA

As a gateway to two-thirds of the global population, we are perfectly positioned to meet our customers’ needs across the above-noted industry sectors.

Pandemic Response

As a founding member of Hope Consortium, an Abu-Dhabi-led public-private partnership delivering millions of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, we operate an advanced Department of Health & ISO certified 19,000 sqm cold and ultra-cold storage facility, which is one of the largest of its type in the region and beyond.

Its expanded capacity allows it to hold in excess of 120 million vaccines of any type at temperatures between -30°C through to 2°C to 8 °C. In addition, we have assembled the UAE’s largest ultra-cold “Freezer Farm” which can store in excess of 11 million vaccine doses at the extreme range of -80°C. The facility is a core component that enables the HOPE Consortium to store and deliver millions of vaccines safely, efficiently and transparently, as part of its end-to-end (production to people) supply chain solution anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our expanding cold and ultra-cold storage capacity, we are playing a key role in helping achieve the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision in establishing the Emirate as a global life sciences hub.


As evidenced by our participation in the Hope Consortium, we are long term thinkers, and believe in the value of trusted partnerships.

Rather than being transactional in our approach to servicing customers, we believe in the power of shared successes over time, and in developing relationships where growth strategies are discussed openly and regularly.

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