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SAFEEN Feeders is a UAE-based container feeder services company, launched in June 2020 by Abu Dhabi Ports, with the goal of boosting national and regional trade by adding much-needed connectivity to the container distribution (feeder) network in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Subcontinent.

Executed in partnership with Bengal Tiger Line (BTL), one of the most renowned feeder service operators, SAFEEN Feeders serves mainliner shipping companies and regional clients in the region’s ports, including those located in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, and India, by increasing volumes via greater connectivity, and by optimising shipping costs.

Through the new service, Abu Dhabi Ports is responding to long-term growth trends in trade and manufacturing by addressing the existing service gaps within and beyond the region, and providing its customers with a growing service offering.


SAFEEN Feeders is mandated to support the UAE’s trade security by bolstering the nation’s container feeder connectivity within the Arabian Gulf and to the Indian Subcontinent.

SAFEEN Feeders is a synergistic offering that leverages Abu Dhabi Ports’ robust port capabilities with Bengal Tiger Line’s expertise as a respected leader in feeder service operations.

Service Lines

SAFEEN Feeders has moved swiftly to deliver on its mandate by initially launching two container feeder services.

UAE Indian Sub-Continent Gulf (UIG) Service – Weekly pendulum service delivered by three 1,700 TEU vessels via a 21-day rotation calling at: Khalifa Port; Sharjah; Bahrain; Dammam; Umm Qasr; Karachi; Mundra; Kandla; and Nhava Sheva. The service connects the UAE to ports in the Upper Gulf and the Indian Subcontinent.

UAE Coast & Oman (UCO)
Service – Weekly service delivered by a 1,000 TEU vessel calling at: Khalifa Port; Sharjah; Ajman; Umm Al Quwain; Ras Al Khaimah; and, Sohar. UCO serves the nation by providing additional feeder connectivity along the coast of the UAE and Oman, and supports Khalifa Port as the national maritime hub.

Why SAFEEN Feeders?

Efficiency – the service provides a timely and efficient exchange of container cargo between mainliner vessels and feeder vessels via an expanding regional and international network. In addition, by boosting the seaborne transport of regional container traffic, the service is reducing costs associated with conventional ground-based transport, which includes road tolls and traffic delays.

Supply-Chain Competitiveness – by expanding the regional feeder network, SAFEEN Feeders is enhancing utilisation of secondary regional ports and is growing supply chain competitiveness.

Environmental Stewardship – the service is boosting environmental sustainability by helping remove excess trucks from our roads.

Broad Service Portfolio – clients of SAFEEN Feeders have access to a leading and ever-diversifying portfolio of maritime trade and logistics services offered by Abu Dhabi Ports.

Growth & Partnership – SAFEEN Feeders supports the long-term economic growth and competitiveness of the UAE and its regional partners.