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As a group, we have consistently strived to develop our industrial sectors by aligning them with the UAE’s Vision 2030 strategy and certainly through assets such as AD Ports Group Industrial Cities & Free Zone Cluster, which oversees both KIZAD and ZonesCorp, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

Home to more than 1500 global, regional and local investors and covering an industrial landscape of 550 square kilometres, our industrial zones’ ability to harness multiple sectors and create distinctive environments that stimulate both growth and innovation have been key to its own success and is certainly the same thinking behind Rahayel, Abu Dhabi’s premier automotive community.

Developed by ZonesCorp in collaboration with key government players and partners, Rahayel has been designed to respond to the growing demand from the region’s dynamic automotive sector as a launch pad for market access in Abu Dhabi and the wider GCC region. Offering both primary commercial and retail investment opportunities, the community was created with the industry and its stakeholders in mind.

Strategically located at the crossroads of two major highways that connect Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Saudi Arabia as part of our ZonesCorp industrial zone, Rahayel will be built on collaboration across a wide range of verticals.

Businesses will be able to swiftly establish a presence in Abu Dhabi through Rahayel’s dedicated investor centre, which will streamline business setup with fast-tracked approvals, processing of staff visas and a wide range of other value-added services.

Once established, businesses can expect predictable investment opportunities with optimised operational parameters to help enterprises increase their return-on-investment through better cost-efficiencies and streamlined value chains. In addition, businesses can take advantage of the hub’s transparent cost structure through short, medium, and long-term lease agreements that enable more accurate forecasting.

With space for vehicle workshops, showrooms and plots for multi-purpose automotive use, Rahayel will also include sector-based regulatory and governing bodies as well as a lifestyle retail and entertainment outlets. Together, this will forge more than just a collaboration of businesses – but an entire, self-contained, self-sufficient community where business and enthusiasm can converge around one of the UAE’s fastest growing sectors.

Space has also been made for knowledge development through academic and R&D institutions, which will attract businesses and industry-specific engineers that are focused towards solving the some of the sector’s prevailing challenges such as enhancing performance, safety, and efficiency. Instead of working in collaboration with people or businesses who are based all around the world, Rahayel will become a host where all facets of the industry can be found within a six square kilometre area.

In developing Rahayel, we will not only deliver the usual benefits of employment and industry verticals, but also provide an opportunity to overcome sectorial challenges through a collaborative model. This isn’t just for regional businesses, students, enthusiasts, or investors – but for anyone in the world with a passion for cars who wants to make a difference.