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Innovative Solutions

Seamless Port Integration

Khalifa Port is an outstanding testimony as to how cutting-edge engineering innovations have been fused with especially-tailored technology and world-class creative processes to create a seamless start-to-end port experience.

The port offers integrated solutions, which include:

Port Gate Automation

Remote Control Programme

Automated Stacking Cranes

Terminal Operation System

Auto-Rostering System

VTS Centralisation

Coil Forklifts

Aerial Drones

Fostering Smart Foundations

State-of-the Art Port Infrastructure

Khalifa Port spans over a strategic 410 square kilometres on the gateway between the East and the West.

Positioned as the industrial, logistics and trade hub of the Middle East, the giant industrial free zone is itself a fountainhead of innovation and leading-edge solutions.

Hot Metal Road

Modular Path

Sea Water Cooling and Desalination System

Developing Sector Skills

To keep up with the technological innovations that form the backbone of the company, crucial objective of Abu Dhabi Ports is to advocate state-of-the-art training through

Maritime Training Simulators

Fire Simulator

Truck Driver Simulator

Digital Support – Just a Click Away

Maqta Gateway, our smart solutions business unit, redefines Abu Dhabi’s trade services, processes and information exchange through a unified interface that seamlessly connects the maritime and logistics industry. Around 35 different entities are integrated within the system locally and internationally.

Our digital solutions provider offers more than 100 digitalized services to stakeholders and customers and transforms the way the community does business. It is yet another milestone to add to Abu Dhabi Ports’ growing digital trade portfolio of smart collaborations.

Few of the key applications developed by Maqta Gateway:

Maqta Port Community System (MPCS)


The ‘Manara’ Application

The ‘Masaha’ Application