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What is IBTIKAR?

IBTIKAR (Arabic for innovation) is Abu Dhabi Ports’ in-house program to generate ideas that find new ways to do business.
We seek active participation from our stakeholders across the globe.

What is IBTIKAR’s scope?

IBTIKAR invites international idea generators with different perspectives to propose creative changes in the way Abu Dhabi Ports does business.
We want suggestions that ensure real-time results and bring growth within the maritime and trade sectors.

Who can submit?

All Abu Dhabi Ports stakeholders (government entities, suppliers, partners, investors, communities and individuals) are eligible to submit their ideas or suggestions through IBTIKAR.

What are the suggestion categories?
  • Suggestions that result in financial savings for Abu Dhabi Ports
  • Suggestions that result in the enhancement of customer experiences within Abu Dhabi Ports
  • Soft savings-related suggestions
  • Suggestions, not related to the core business of Abu Dhabi Ports, but still beneficial to the company
Is there a reward scheme for suggestions?

We reward suggestions depending on the category of the suggestion.

What is the typical life-cycle of a suggestion?
  1. Submission
  2. Screening
  3. Evaluation
  4. Decision
What are the various IBTIKAR suggestion channel?
Can I send my suggestion through your mobile app?

Currently, we do not have a mobile app for IBTIKAR. However, as part of our continuous development plan, we plan to launch one in the near future.

How many suggestions can I submit?

You can send unlimited suggestions. No limits.

Do you accept joint suggestion? What is the upper limit in the number of applicants?

A joint suggestion can be owned by up to three individuals.

How can I check my suggestion’s status?

You can follow-up using these two options:
A) Send an email to
B) Call Abu Dhabi Ports’ toll-free number: 800102030

When will I be rewarded?

You will be rewarded when Abu Dhabi Ports implements the suggestion.

What is the reward amount?

We will send an email detailing the reward amount.

Who retains the intellectual property rights to the suggestion?

Abu Dhabi Ports retains the intellectual property rights to ideas/suggestions submitted through IBTIKAR.

Can I be part of the implementation team?

Yes. But it depends on the nature of the suggestion.

How can I communicate with IBTIKAR team?

Can't find the answer?

Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind.