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Welcome to Abu Dhabi Marine Services "SAFEEN"

Abu Dhabi Marine Services “SAFEEN” provides a comprehensive range of world-class marine services and ancillary quayside services for vessels calling at all Abu Dhabi Ports. Wholly owned by Abu Dhabi Ports, SAFEEN represents a team of over 160 certified and extensively trained professionals who work together to ensure a superior, cost-effective service.

With a dedicated team and modern technology, equipment, and marine assets, SAFEEN offers a wide spectrum of marine services including vessel traffic services (VTS), pilotage, harbour towage and mooring, as well as an innovative portfolio of additional services, including garbage disposal, bunkering, fresh water delivery, issuing of permits and diving services. An advanced fleet of tugs and other vessels support Safeen’s efforts to ensure safe and timely passage of all vessels through Abu Dhabi’s ports.

With safety at the heart of SAFEEN’s operations, the company passed an important milestone in 2016 having clocked up over one million working hours without ‘Lost Injury Time’. SAFEEN is also a regular recipient of industry distinctions including; the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for safety management; the International Safety Management (ISM) certification; and the International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations (ISPO) – the industry gold standard.


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SAFEEN Services



Abu Dhabi Marine Services ‘SAFEEN’ is a one-stop shop for all the mooring needs of the clients of Abu Dhabi’s ports’. Our experienced workforce ensures that vessels arriving to  and departing from a berth are moored and unmoored  safely and efficiently.


SAFEEN’s team of trained and certified tug masters and other crew have knowledge of the full range of vessel types, from floating offshore oil & gas infrastructure to post-Panamax container ships as well as detailed knowledge of the harbour characteristics of Abu Dhabi’s ports.

SAFEEN’s fleet of advanced tugs provides customers with safe, reliable, and efficient arrival and departure to and from ports.


A skilled team of experienced and certified pilots works tirelessly to ensure uninterrupted port activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across Abu Dhabi’s ports.

In addition, the close coordination with VTS and Towage ensures our pilots board vessels on time, as they professionally assist ship masters to bring their vessels in and out of port.

 Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

VTS is the single point of contact for vessels seeking a full range of marine services and ancillary quayside services in the Emirate’s seaports.

Safeen combines advanced radio communication and radar surveillance technologies with highly trained Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) supervisors and operators, to ensure safe, timely and reliable VTS services to all ships using Abu Dhabi ports and waterways.

VTS Consolidation

Safeen plans to consolidate the VTS system in all Abu Dhabi ports to increase operational efficiency and maximise profit for ports operations.

Upon completion, the consolidation will also enhance the marine work flow and increase navigational safety within Khalifa, Musaffah, Zayed and the Free Ports.

Maintenance of Navigational Aids

Safeen services and maintains all Aid-to-Navigation (AtoN) buoys and beacons located across the coastline and waterways of Abu Dhabi, helping to ensure the safe and efficient movement of all types of vessels.

SAFEEN’s AtoN Department has been established in compliance with the maritime buoyage standards as set down by the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).

Ancillary Services SAFEEN provides a single point of contact for a full array of both traditional marine services and also a wide range of ancillary quayside services.

Offerings include: ferry management services, bathymetric survey services, Yokohama fender, Bollard Pull testing services, leasing fender services, oil spill response, emergency response services, salvage services, fresh water supply, garbage disposal, bunkering services, issuing of permits, and diving services that include underwater inspection, filming and video.


Other commercial services include chartering of vessels, ship to ship and compass swing service.

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