Abu Dhabi Ports' main seaports are international gateways to and from the UAE and as a result require a robust level of security and control regarding people and goods entering the secure areas of these facilities.

Abu Dhabi Ports is the responsible for issuing port passes to all port visitors. Several types of port passes are available, depending on the requirements of the visitor and the frequency with which the individual will access the port. Details of these port passes may be found below.

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Port Pass Types

Annual Pass

Companies with a long-term contract agreement to supply goods or services to Abu Dhabi Ports or companies or organisations operating within a port facility may apply for an Annual Pass.


  • An application form should be completed in both English and Arabic and both should be signed and stamped.
  • The application and accompanying documents should be submitted to the relevant Port Pass Office, along with applicable fees.
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Supporting Documents:

Visitor Port Passes

A Visitor Pass application should be made electronically and is only valid for the day of issue. Whenever possible, the visitor’s host company or organisation should provide at least 24-hours notification to the Abu Dhabi Ports Security Department regarding the visit.



An email request notifying the port of the upcoming visit should be sent to the relevant port email address.

Supporting Documents:

  • Valid passport copy
  • Valid UAE Visa copy
Short Term Passes (30 Days)

A Short Term Pass is issued to employees of companies that have short-term contracts to supply goods or services to Abu Dhabi Ports, or a company or other organisation operating within a port facility.



  • Application form should be completed in Arabic only.
  • The completed form should be submitted to the relevant Port Pass Office, along with applicable fees.

Supporting Documents:

  • Original company letter in Arabic.
  • Copy of contract.
  • Two original colour passport-sized photographs (see instructions about photos).
  • Applicant passport copy with valid UAE visa
Daily/Temporary Port Passes

A Daily Pass is issued to vehicle drivers bringing goods to or from the port, and is valid for no more than 24 hours. The person must provide legal documentation proving identity, as well as paperwork demonstrating that the individual has a legitimate need to access the port to conduct business. Daily passes are issued 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Visitors should go to the relevant Port Pass Office and present the following documents, along with payable fee.

  • Valid passport copy
  • Valid UAE visa copy
  • Supported documents

Supporting Documents:

  • Delivery order of material
  • Valid booking for a container transaction at ADT Container Terminal
  • Bill of Entry copies for the shipments
  • Cargo-related documents
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