ABU DHABI PORTS is committed to satisfy the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders in a prompt and reasonably practical manner. We will foster an atmosphere that focuses on the business effectiveness, profitability and optimization of return on invested capital to our shareholders by continually improving the Customer Feedback Management System performance through effective and efficient management of complaints.

We are committed to ensure that:

    • Stakeholder’s right to complain on the products and services delivered is recognised, promoted and protected. Customer feedback processes are easily understandable and accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

Objectivity is maintained in treating the complainant as well as personnel / function against which the complaints are logged.

  • Confidentially of the parties involved is maintained throughout the Customer Feedback process.
  • Sufficient resources are provided for the efficient and effective handling of the complaints.
  • Adequate consultation and communication with the interested parties are exercised throughout the
    Customer Feedback process.
  • Complaints and feedbacks are a means for learning and improvement and will not be utilized as a tool for disciplinary measures unless found intentional by any party.


In maintaining this commitment we will:

  • Plan and perform its activities in compliance with the established Customer Feedback Management
  • Set objectives & targets at each relevant functional / personnel role and implement procedures /
    surveys necessary to achieve them.
  • Provide training to all employees working for and / or on behalf of the organization to ensure awareness on their Customer Feedback obligations.
  • Proactively interact with the customers, employees, statutory & regulatory authorities and local communities.