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Abu Dhabi Ports is the primary custodian of all of Abu Dhabi’s waterways and marine ecosystems, and Abu Dhabi Maritime is the entity entrusted to perform the practical elements of that custodianship.

Abu Dhabi Maritime was established in July of 2020, following an agreement between Abu Dhabi Ports and the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), with the goal of integrating and streamlining the governance and oversight of Abu Dhabi’s maritime sector.


Leveraging on Abu Dhabi Ports’ maritime expertise, the new entity functions as a consolidated single point of regulatory entry with the mandate to implement effective maritime services and state-of-the-art infrastructure, supported by highly-qualified human resources and upholding the highest health, safety and quality standards.

Abu Dhabi Maritime is supported by a Maritime Advisory Council, which represents the interests of key partners and customers including, government entities, ports, individual users, communities, and marine service companies.

By working together with all stakeholders, the entity helps deliver on Abu Dhabi leadership’s vision, as reflected in the Abu Dhabi Plan Maritime, for the emirate to become a leading global maritime centre.


Abu Dhabi Maritime’s responsibilities include:

  • Developing maritime sector strategy and ensuring compliance
  • Implementing, monitoring and enforcing regulations and codes for the maritime sector
  • Registering maritime assets
  • Licensing maritime activities
  • Developing and maintaining safe waterway infrastructure
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Sharing data and knowledge on the maritime sector

Single Windows Portal

The entity’s website,, is the single window portal serving the needs of the entire Abu Dhabi maritime community.