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The Future Today

Established in 2016, Maqta Gateway, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports is the central pillar of the company’s strategy to provide advanced, smart and innovative solutions to trade and port communities, paving the way for a new era of digital transformation in the maritime sector.

Maqta is spearheading the digital transformation mandate of Abu Dhabi’s maritime, trade and government services in line with Abu Dhabi’s Economic Plan 2030, promoting a knowledge-based economy that features smart e-Government solutions that will facilitate trade.

Community Co-Creation

Maqta Gateway achieved regional acclaim by developing the first-of-its-kind port community system (PCS) in UAE and operating it for Abu Dhabi Ports. Developed through engagement with the port community and stakeholders, the system implemented up to 75 percent of suggestions and feedback into the final solution to transform the logistics supply chain.

It acts as a single window provider by facilitating information flow between all stakeholders, port authorities and traders. It can also interlink to other port community systems while following international standards for electronic data interchange.

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Digital Bridge

The Maqta Bridge was the first crossing to connect Abu Dhabi Island with the mainland; it was a crucial connection for trade opportunities and for subsequent development of the Emirate.

Likewise, Maqta Gateway is also set to become a crucial ‘digital bridge’ and a leader in the development of integrated regional and global trade. View here how Maqta Gateway promotes an enabling environment for digital trade

Firsts Achieved

The company has many firsts under its belt:

  • The 1st member from the GCC region to join the International Port Community Systems Association
  • The 1st PCS in the MENA region to achieve PCS to PCS integration
  • The 1st in the region to develop Manara, a voyage tracking application.
  • The 1st Port Digital Innovation Lab launched in the Middle East to investigate emerging technologies, new trends such as AI and Blockchain, and developing new solutions.
  • The 1st company in the Middle East to sign an agreement with the Chinese LOGINK System for better exchange of logistics information

Key Milestones

Future Prospects

Maqta Gateway is collaborating with ports around the world, to look at how they can link port community systems (PCS) in other countries.

Achieve more integration with international partners

Integrate with the air cargo

Continue the land side network infrastructure


Achieve more integration with international partners


Integrate with the air cargo


Continue the land side network infrastructure

New Ground-breaking Solutions

Maqta Gateway has created various innovative digital solutions to ease processes required by Abu Dhabi Ports’ customers in a more efficient and time effective manner.

From sea-side logistics, Maqta’s focus moved to the operational side of the ports, achieving complete digitalisation of all its services by April 2017, to provide customers with a wide range of new digital services, in a bid to address the growing trends of General Cargo and RORO volumes.

Maqta Payment Solution

Launched in June 2017, the Maqta Payment Solution (mPAY) is an online payment system that enables all Abu Dhabi Ports’ customers to perform and control various financial functions.

Maqta License Management System (MLMS)

Launched in June 2017, the Maqta License Management System (mLMS) allows Abu Dhabi Ports’ customers to apply, renew and pay for their Port licenses, online, adding value and efficiency by eliminating the need to physically visit the counters.

Vessel Management System (VMS)

Launched in October 2016, the digital Vessel Management System (VMS) allows all vessels arriving at any of Abu Dhabi’s commercial ports to process the needed formalities and exchange unified digital information with the Port Community.