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Kanoo Shipping
Ali Ahmed Abbas
Operations Coordinator
Kanoo Shipping -Abu Dhabi
A Division of Kanoo Group

Two Way Cooperation


Kanoo Shipping started business operations in 1890 in Bahrain. It is the largest regional shipping agency in the Middle East and one of the most diversified business houses in the Gulf region and beyond. The company handles over 11,000 ship calls every year through its professional network, which covers all ports in the Suez to India range.

In 2016, Abu Dhabi Ports mandated that all customers must apply through the Maqta Gateway Port Community System (PCS) for any services related to vessels. No manual paperwork would be admitted.

Collaborative Business Partners

Maqta Gateway and Kanoo Shipping held regular meetings to get the end-user feedback during the development phase of Maqta Port Community System (PCS) and helped develop a port community system for the industry.



Abu Dhabi Ports was always systematic in terms of processes. But shipping companies and agents had to work with different departments in terms of detailed paperwork and assign manpower to constantly follow up on administrative processes.


When Maqta Gateway launched the PCS, it invited Kanoo Shipping to do trial testings, participate in user discussions and offer suggestions to modify the system. The company was part of the initial list of clients participating in the pilot test phases of development.

The new system streamlined many processes for Kanoo Shipping and connected them to the right departments within a common platform.

The PCS also helps the company to maintain records of all the services they rendered to the vessels, especially, with free running vessels and husbandry services.

Two Way Process

It also simplified certain processes such as marine permits, fumigation certifications and such (earlier done by private companies, which were expensive but now taken over by Abu Dhabi Ports).

Additionally, the company started understanding different and new PCS features over a period of time; features that helped speed up work. Maqta Gateway also gave customers the opportunity to give suggestions to improve the system, making it a two-way process.

Kanoo Shipping saved time in terms of procedures that had to be done physically, and, as a result, could deploy manpower elsewhere where needed.

Case Studies