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Zhang Xinxing
China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation
(Jiangsu) Development and Management Ltd

Speeding Foundation Permit Approvals


In 2018, a dedicated 2.2 square kilometre hub was set up following an investment cooperation agreement, concluded in 2017, between Abu Dhabi Ports and the Chinese Jiangsu Provincial Overseas Cooperation and Investment Company Limited (JOCIC).

This area, now dubbed the “China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone”, is expandable to reach 12.2 square kilometres in the future. The project is an important landmark, supporting both the Chinese ‘Belt and Road’ initiative as well as the UAE Vision 2021.

So far, 19 companies have signed agreements to invest in this dedicated hub within the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (KPFTZ), totalling $1 billion in value.

The Chinese companies come from varied sectors, including construction, metals, chemicals, trade and logistics and packaging.

Collaborative Business Partners

Abu Dhabi Ports speeds up building permits for JOCIC.


JOCIC was new to the market and wanted to get a new building permit to start operations in KIZAD. However, local consultants told them that when a new company applies for a building permit with the Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM), the process could take anywhere from two to six months. One of the main reasons being that ADM requires very high quality levels in terms of design submissions.



KIZAD gave JOCIC office space within their free zone premises so they could work and directly liaise with KIZAD on a daily basis for issues.

Due to their strong relationships with the various government authorities, KIZAD got involved during the building permit application process. Starting from the CEO, all the way through to the customer service and the technical teams, every unit coordinated with Abu Dhabi Municipality and other stakeholders. The KIZAD team held weekly meetings to monitor the progress of the permit.

As a result, the clearance process speeded up and JOCIC successfully obtained the foundation permit on 10 May, 2018. The approval time was cut down to less than three months, saving JOCIC valuable time.

Case Studies