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Khalifa Port Customs
Mohammed Ali Hammadi
Director of Khalifa Port Customs
General Administration of Customs, Abu Dhabi

Offering Services Around the Clock


In 2018, a dedicated 2.2 square kilometre hub was set up following an investment cooperation agreement, concluded in 2017, between Abu Dhabi Ports and the Chinese Jiangsu Provincial Overseas Cooperation and Investment Company Limited (JOCIC).

So far, 19 companies have signed agreements to invest in this dedicated hub within the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (KPFTZ), totalling $1 billion in value.

This area, now dubbed the “China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone”, is expandable to reach 12.2 square kilometres in the future. The project is an important landmark, supporting both the Chinese ‘Belt and Road’ initiative as well as the UAE Vision 2021.

Collaborative Business Partners

Khalifa Port Customs provides 24/7 scanning facilities and customer service team for KPFTZ and KIZAD customers.



JOCIC noticed that the scanning facilities at Khalifa Port Customs did not operate around the clock; this could pose a challenge for future operations.


When JOCIC came for a site visit, they noticed that the scanning facilities were not operational after midnight. The Chinese company told Khalifa Port Customs that they ran their operations around the clock. Hence, they needed to have scanning facilities 24/7 from the port’s side to match their business requirements.

They did not want to wait till the next day for the scanners to start operations. They not just wanted to save money but also valuable time. Though JOCIC, and affiliated companies, are not yet fully operational within the free zone, they are planning for all eventualities ahead of the time. Khalifa Port Customs came up with the solution to offer scanning facilities 24/7 to satisfy the client.

After Midnight Services

Additionally, JOCIC said that they needed customer service 24/7 at the KIZAD area.

Khalifa Ports Customs came up with the solution where its employees will man the customer service help desk around the clock at the industrial free zone and port.

Today, JOCIC and the Chinese companies, established within the China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone, can come anytime after midnight and avail of the scanning facilities. Also, shipping lines, which sometimes leave after midnight, need this service. So other companies also can avail of the same benefits.

Additionally, other KPFTZ and KIZAD customers are very happy with Khalifa Port Customs providing the additional scanning facility after midnight as well as the 24/7-manned customer service desk. The move has helped everyone save valuable time.

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