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COSCO Shipping Limited – Abu Dhabi
Hua Nan
Director of Operations
CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal and Management Ltd

Facilitating Project Progress


In September 2016, Abu Dhabi Ports signed a container terminal concession agreement with COSCO SHIPPING Limited – Abu Dhabi (CSPL SPV), a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited, one of the leading international container terminal operators.

Collaborative Business Partners

Abu Dhabi Ports shares administrative resources and facilitates COSCO Shipping’s aim to meet its deadline to start operations.


The COSCO Shipping team have several responsibilities, including setting up the project team, handling construction, preparing qualification documents, and so on.

Moreover, the team faced a tight deadline wherein they must launch commercial operations by April 2019. In terms of resources, they needed intensive collaborative support from the port authority.

COSCO SHIPPING Ports, a subsidiary of the China-headquartered COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Ltd will operate CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal, the new container terminal situated at Khalifa Port, comprising 1,200 meters of quay wall and adjacent land. The project is an important landmark, supporting both the Chinese ‘Belt and Road’ initiative as well as the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

On 5 November 2017, a ground-breaking ceremony was held to mark the start of construction on the project. The COSCO Shipping team also commenced preparations that aim at starting commercial operations by Q2 2019.


Abu Dhabi Ports agreed to share their administration resources with the COSCO Shipping team – in terms of staff, qualified vendor lists and other technical support. The terminal operator has also been given the independence to directly liaise with all the relevant departments at Abu Dhabi Ports and resolve any issues related to the project.

The port authority, through its strong relationships with other government entities and agents, also facilitated the hiring process for COSCO Shipping by short-listing qualified candidates.

Both sides also held weekly meetings to monitor the recruitment progress and Abu Dhabi Ports further speeded up the quota approval procedures by coordinating with relevant government authorities.

Making Rapid Progress

Additionally, Abu Dhabi Ports provided the COSCO Shipping team with its qualified vendor list so that the latter could easily find equipment and other necessary services to construct the terminal.

As a result, the project is making rapid progress to meet its deadline and COSCO Shipping has successfully found employees, goods and services to start commercial operations at the CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal next year.

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