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Sharaf Shipping Agency LLC
Captain Sumit Thapar
A.General Manager
Sharaf Shipping Agency LLC, Abu Dhabi

A Collaborative Outcome


Sharaf Shipping has been in MENA region from last three decades and has a very strong relationship with Abu Dhabi Ports.

Collaborative Business Partners

Maqta Gateway, owned by Abu Dhabi Ports, and Sharaf Shipping held regular meetings to get the end-user feedback during the development phase of Maqta Port Community System (PCS).


While using the PCS, Sharaf Shipping faced issues such as difficulty in vessel registration, uploading files like vessel load and discharge lists and so on.



Maqta Gateway sat with Sharaf Shipping and issues were resolved within a short time. The relationship has been a collaborative process since the inception of Maqta Gateway, when the Abu Dhabi Ports subsidiary started developing their Port Community System.

Sharaf Shipping was one of the companies chosen for the PCS system training and testing from the initial stages. 
The company also provided Maqta with detailed requirements from a customer’s viewpoint – how to create a better and new system that will help the shipping community and solve certain day-to-day scenarios that crop up for the industry, as a whole.

Helping All Players

The company requested them on specific needs, which includes vessel registration, uploading of discharge and load lists, release and update of DO and other such maritime requirements.

The feedback was meant to help not just the company but also other players in the shipping industry in the long run.


The Maqta Gateway is an excellent system – a collaborative product taking into account the needs of stakeholders and partners. Today, everything is done in a single screen.

For example; in case of a vessel call, once the registration is done, everyone –  from the port, to customs, to the agent – can access the entire details of the vessel in one window.

Instead of sending mails to different departments, the process is transparent and saves a lot of time for shipping fraternity. PCS work is still in progress where all systems will be linked and Maqta will become a single window system.

Case Studies