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Time is Precious

As part of our CSR programme, we have created a volunteer programme for our employees. Because we understand that time is a precious commodity and plenty of staff wish to contribute.

We are also setting department KPIs across our business units that will encourage each individual to do a minimum eight hours per annum of community outreach. At the same time, we will offer them a list of opportunities to connect through all our initiatives, to realise their volunteering hours, making their participation both sustainable and meaningful.

This includes participation in national and international events such as Seafarers’ Day, blood donation drives, hospitals’ visits and granting wishes to critically ill children.

We undertake internal and external initiatives in a twofold manner:

Committed to our People

Abu Dhabi Ports organises team-building activities throughout the year for its staff. This kind of bonding enhances team spirit between our employees to work together as an organization inspiring a culture of giving and of selflessness.

To connect people and achieve a good work-life balance, we have created the following initiatives:

Sports Day: We hold Sports Day in alignment with the UAE National Sports Day. We encourage our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We also encourage team spirit. When you play together, you stay together.

Labour Day: To applaud the hard work that contributed to the sterling growth of the company, Abu Dhabi Port celebrates labour Day with its employees and stakeholders.

Tolerance Day: We celebrate Tolerance Day to recognise the diversity that unites us.

Committed to our Community

We are a socially responsible organisation that involves the communities in which we are active. Our focus is on community engagement and social activities that create an affinity between relevant target audience and Abu Dhabi Ports.

As part of our philanthropic efforts, we provided logistics support to Emirates Red Crescent by dedicating ‘The Warehouse of Giving’ a 550 sqm warehouse in Zayed Port to the charity. Other outreach activities include:

Rahma Run: We have committed to supporting the Rahma Run. We hold activities at Zayed Port in support of cancer patient treatments and awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Ramadan Iftar Tents: In collaboration with Red Crescent, we have committed to giving back to the community by holding annual Iftar tents during the Holy month of Ramadan in Zayed and Khalifa Ports as well as in the Port of Kamsar in Guinea.

Blood Donation Drive: Abu Dhabi Ports holds an annual donation drive for its employees and stakeholders by collaborating with different health clinics, providing blood donation buses to enable its stakeholders to give blood.

Seafarers Day: Every year, we celebrate Seafarers’ Day to honour the fact that almost everything that we use in our daily lives has been directly or indirectly touched by sea.