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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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About CSR

Abu Dhabi Ports has adopted a strategic approach to CSR that has elevated the organisation amongst some of the world’s leading sustainable companies in the field, and is committed to further developing its efforts in social responsibility for years to come.

By embracing CSR values, organisations such as Abu Dhabi Ports dedicate themselves to safeguarding the well-being of their employees, as well as local communities who may be impacted by commercial operations active within their proximity.

Our focus is on community engagement and social activities that create an affinity between relevant target audience and Abu Dhabi Ports. We strive to create a healthy corporate and responsible culture.

Our CSR strategy is holistic and strives to serve the needs of both internal and external stakeholders of the organisation. It focuses on four priority CSR objectives, which are substantially material to Abu Dhabi Ports and its stakeholders and represent those areas of greatest need and opportunity.


  • Supporting Our Communities
  • Philanthropy
  • Employee Welfare and Development
  • Equal Opportunities

Abu Dhabi Ports follows the Three Pillars of Sustainability, which are:



Social Responsibility