Company Profile

We will turn Khalifa Port and Kizad into one of the world's biggest industrial zones


We inaugurated the magnificent Khalifa Port at 1200 on 12/12/12 - with the most advanced container terminal in the whole region and for a radius of 5,000 kilometres. The nearest port to match our facilities is Singapore.

Our success story

With the megaproject duo of Khalifa Port and its neighbouring Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad) fully launched, Abu Dhabi Ports is now competing with the best ports and industrial zones in the world. And we have won a reputation for delivering value for money, and excellent services, with superb customer care. 

These are two remarkable success stories, showing just how far Abu Dhabi Ports has come since its inception nine years ago, when the site of what is now the offshore Khalifa Port was the sea, and the site of Kizad was just scrubland and desert!

The port, the most advanced in the region, is currently serving the world’s largest container ships, arriving all the way from the Far East.

Kizad has broken targets for attracting big industry players: around 50 companies have signed up to begin production.

Khalifa Port

With the container terminal fully operational since September 2012 and Emirates Aluminium’s dedicated on-site berth busy since November 2010, Khalifa Port is impressive by any definition.

With the only semi-automated container terminal in the region, the port features six of the world’s largest STS (ship-to-shore) cranes. Three more have been ordered. Its first phase will enable it to handle 2.5 million containers and handle 12 million tons of cargo.

With the right market conditions, Khalifa Port is designed to be able to expand over four more phases to be able to handle 15 million containers and 35 million tons of cargo by 2030.


Not only is the site already gigantic, Kizad will expand to become one of the world’s largest industrial zones by 2030. It will stretch over an extraordinary 418 square kilometres – two thirds the size of Singapore.

The magaproject, a cornerstone of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 which diversifies the economy in pursuit of non-oil and gas revenue, is expected within 18 years to contribute up to 15% of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP.

Its on-site anchor tenant, Emirates Aluminium (EMAL), went into production with the largest greenfield single-site aluminium smelter in the world in 2009.

Abu Dhabi Ports' other ports

Abu Dhabi Ports proudly continues to develop its range of smaller and highly-valued ports, largely in Abu Dhabi city and the Western Region. We have embarked on an ambitious and well-received round of improvements.

Notable achievements have been made at Marfa, Mugharrag, and Musaffah ports, and Shahama port is being developed into a vibrant water sports centre. Zayed Port, in the city centre, will play a key role in driving forward Abu Dhabi’s exciting cruise liner business.