Western Region Ports

Supporting local businesses and communities


While the flagship Khalifa Port has become the focal point of Abu Dhabi’s port activities, the emirate’s smaller ports remain just as important. Abu Dhabi Ports is dedicated to improve facilities at all of its port operations, and to provide the best possible services to customers and stakeholders alike. The Western Region Ports are mainly serving the local communities in the western region area while facilitating transport of people and goods to offshore islands.

western region ports

Mugharraq Port

Mugharraq Port provides cargo services and supports ferry and logistics connections to Sir Bani Yas Island and Delma Island. It also enables local maritime recreation and fishing activities. Abu Dhabi Ports recently completed several port improvements, including the RORO berths. The ongoing development phases include the construction of additional slipways, the building of a revetment for shoreline protection, the deepening of the port basin, the installing of additional equipment such as fenders, and the modification of the existing landing ramp.

Al Sila Port

Al Sila Port supports the local fishing industry, provides cargo services and limited recreational activities. Abu Dhabi Ports has enhanced the port facilities for fishermen by relocating the fishing pontoons to the north basin, which has better infrastructure than the south basin. In the future Abu Dhabi Ports, which is installing signage and hard landscaping, will develop the port to support marine recreation as well.

Sir Baniyas Logistics Port

The Sir Bani Yas Logistics Port is located on Sir Bani Yas Island, which is developed and operated as a tourist destination by the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC). The port handles the transfer of all construction materials and workers in a fast, safe and efficient manner, and also provides back-of-house support to TDIC’s on-island operations, thus supporting the tourism activities on the island.

Delma Port

Delma Port, located on the east side of Delma Island, is currently being developed to serve as a general, multipurpose port that will handle cargo, passenger ferries and fishing vessels. The existing facility primarily serves landing craft vessels belonging to the western region municipality.

Marfa Port

Marfa Port is being developed as a marina to accommodate a number of community and recreational activities as well as facilities for the nearby western region communities.

Dry ports

Currently under development at Al Dhafra and Al Ain.

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