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 mussafah channel

Musaffah Port is the second oldest port after the establishment of Zayed Port in 1972. It lies in the industrial town of Musaffah south west of the city of Abu Dhabi. The port has got an extensive waterfront of nearly 40 kilometers. Its facilities provides for cargo operations and warehousing for a wide range of clients, covering industry sectors, such as steel works, rig and offshore construction as well as dredging and ship building.

In February 2011, the new Musaffah channel replaced the existing access channel to the Musaffah industrial area. It is located just off the south-western shoreline of Hudayriat Island, immediately to the west of the Musaffah industrial area and leads to the open sea. With a length of 53 kilometers, a maximum width of 200 meters and a maximum depth of nine meters, the new deep water channel has provided the opportunity for larger ships with deeper draughts to access the numerous berths and terminals.

Although most of the berths are adjacent to private terminals, Abu Dhabi Ports has a general cargo terminal at the northern end of the industrial area. Other major terminals are iron ore imported by Emirates Steel and a number of facilities serving the off shore oil industry. Abu Dhabi Ports, as the port authority, is responsible for the provision of pilotage and berthing assistance tugs, guaranteeing the best service possible to all clients - 24/7.

Pilotage Directions

Pilotage is compulsory for all ships within the port limits of Musaffah; this includes the navigable channels leading to the port and all the waters, basins and channels alongside the quays and jetties in the port.

Abu Dhabi Ports has given general exemption from pilotage for all vessels equal to or less than 80 metres long except ships carrying hazardous cargoes in bulk, which includes bunker barges. These vessels are only exempted if they are equal to or less than 40 metres long. Vessels greater than 40 metres long, carrying more than 12 passengers and all vessels not noted above are subject to compulsory pilotage.

This means that they must have a licensed pilot on the ship to assist with the navigation of the ship whenever the ship is within the port limits of Musaffah; or the master of the ship must have an exemption certificate, issued by Abu Dhabi Ports, which exempts the vessel from taking a licensed pilot.

Masters of ships subject to compulsory pilotage can apply for a Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC) if they can fulfil the requirements set out in the Pilotage Directions, including the tripping with pilots’ assessments and having successfully passed the Harbour Master’s examination.

Notice to Mariners
Notices to Mariners provide notification of changes that could affect port operations including, in particular, the safe and efficient movement of shipping in or out of a non-petroleum port.
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Mariners' Documentation
To be completed and sent to the first Abu Dhabi port of arrival via email or fax to the port VTS or via the ship's agent at least 48 hours in advance of the ETA.
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Musaffah Port Information Guide
Standard Terms and Conditions For Abu Dhabi Ports' Ports

Guidelines for Towage Operations within Musaffah Port Limits
Guidelines for Towage Operations

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